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Getting Sponsors to Notice You is Hard

These are some of the brands I've worked closely with in my 30 year career in the outdoors industry. They sponsor a lot of fishing properties and people.

But have you ever noticed that many times the pro anglers or TV show stars with the most sponsors aren't the ones with the most wins? If this bugs you as much as I think it does, I’d like to help you get past that frustration, & take action to finally get noticed & find your own following of loyal fans, which will lead you straight to the door of sponsors. 

I'm a Fishing Person

I've fished all my life but more importantly, I've made my living in the fishing business world for decades.  I've closed over $50 million in sales including sponsorships with some of the biggest brands in the country.  I will show you the ropes and help you feel confident in marketing yourself to both fans AND fishing sponsors.

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Use your windshield time, or workout hour, or any time you can grab a few spare minutes to feed your brain & learn more about the business side of fishing by listening to the Fishing Business Podcast.  Listen in each week to conversations with leaders in the outdoors industry as well as other businesses about things like brand development, marketing, sales, content, media relations, & business concepts that will help people better understand the engine that drives the sport of  fishing.   It's insider access to the smartest minds in fishing. 

"For decades, one of Angie’s responsibilities was to point out, find the talent and groom many of the bass pros that you see in the spotlight today. So understand that what she’s saying doesn’t come because she read a book…it’s because she did it. I pray you take seriously what she says because it will make you a better communicator and a better asset as an investment broker of the brands you represent. "

Jeff "Kolo" Kolodzinski
Brand Manager, Humminbird/Minnkota/Canon

Rick Clunn

About 20 years ago Melissa and I started spending every New Years with Jerry Mckinnis and Angie Thompson.  Contrary to most New Years Eve celebrations spent drinking, partying, or watching football, we brainstormed about the sport of fishing and how to make it better.  That was Jerry's primary focus.

I had known of Jerry's fishing and filming skills long before actually becoming close friends.  Really did not know much about Angie in the beginning but quickly learned how far ahead she was on using digital media to advance the sport than anyone I had ever been around. 

I remember her discussing how much better it would be to show tournaments live via internet than the old delayed TV airing.  At the time I did not get it but then it happened a few years later - live tournaments.  The exposure for anglers and the industry, and the information for the fans took a quantum leap forward.

Angie is still is who I trust when trying to use content and media more effectively. 

Thanks Angie and Jerry for your vision. 

- Rick Clunn

Darryl Moore, Tournament Angler

Angie is an amazing coach and mentor to me in the fishing world. She’s taught me so much about the business side of this sport, and how to manage that side of things as an angler. She has given me actionable advice that has resulted in new opportunies for my career.

I can always count on her, through thick and thin. She has encouraged me, pushed me, and helped me believe in myself. I am extremely thankful for her, and the coaching she has given me. She didn’t have to invest her time or energy into my passion, but she did, and continues to do so.   It has made a big difference in my growth. 

-Darryl Moore

Gary Morgenstern, SVP Proramming, SportsNet NY

Angie and I worked together at ESPN to develop many shows for ESPN Outdoors including the Great Outdoor Games. 

I’ve worked in the sports/content development area for more than 30 years, and I can say, without any hesitation, that Angie Thompson is the most creative TV content developer I’ve ever worked with. 

Angie was never satisfied with the straight forward fishing and hunting programs which other prospective program suppliers pitched to ESPN.   Angie never looked at things quite that way.  Everything that she developed had an interesting and compelling twist:  Great stories and outdoors adventures, shows which highlighted emerging outdoors equipment and gear, shows which featured legends of the sport, and many more. 

Several times over the years, I approached Angie with a problem or challenge.  Invariably, she’d take time to think about the problem, and she’d call me back with a spectacular solution.  The bigger the challenge, the more excited she got about trying to find a great solution. 

-Gary Morgenstern

"And, did I mention – Angie could do anything and everything.  She’s a truly multi-talented individual with an unstoppable work ethic.  ESPN Outdoors was a tremendous success for many years, and I can say with absolute confidence that our success was a result of Angie Thompson and the team at JM Associate’s – ESPN’s “secret weapon”.  Thank you, Angie, for your friendship and support over the years.  I think we’ve always made a great team!"

Gary Morgenstern
SVP, Programming, SportsNet NY

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