3 Negotiating Skills Everyone Can Develop

Rick Horrow is an expert in sports law, and in fact he pioneered the field. He also blazed a trail for public/private partnerships to fund development of stadiums, arenas, performing arts venues and other infrastructure. Then to top that off he developed the framework for selling naming rights to those structures.

He's done over 100 deals worth more than $20 billion in branding concepts that have enticed more than $4 billion in corporate funding to cities and development projects.

I tell you all this to say....Rick knows how to make a deal. Whether you are an aspiring pro angler or exploring a new job or role in the fishing industry, negotiating skills are important. Many times I hear people express fear over the negotiating process but if you take a little time to learn the basics of negotiation you will feel more confident when it's time to come to the table to make a deal.

I met Rick 12 years ago when I was one of the producers on his television show The Sports Take. That show isn't on the air anymore but you can see Rick on CNN, ESPN, Fox and many other networks whenever there is a story about the business side of sports and the networks need an expert. They call in the big gun - Rick Horrow.

I thought Rick would be a great person for you to hear from on 3 Negotiating Skills Everyone Can Develop. Rick has literally written the book on Sports Business and you'll find out more about that in this episode of the Fishing Business Podcast.



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