Storytelling and the Know Like Trust Factor for anglers

In a recent conversation with Keith Daffron who is president of Vexus Boats, we talked about how important storytelling is in building a brand.

 As we discussed it, we started talking about telling stories and how both of us were raised up in the fishing industry telling stories.  I was a television producer for ESPN Outdoors for the first 20 years of my career and that certainly involved a lot of storytelling, in fact I used to kid around with my friends and say my job was to travel around the country and find the very best stories about the outdoors that I could find. Of course, there was more to my job than that, as there is with ALL storytellers, but at heart that’s the core of what I did.

 Daffron has launched a new bass boat brand, which is no small feat as you can imagine, and he understands how storytelling can build a brand because he's doing it as we speak.  And doing it very well. Vexus has a great brand story and they tell it with compelling video, beautiful imagery and soulful writing.  

As individuals and personal brands, today we have more opportunities than at any other time in history to have our stories heard.  And we have more control over our stories than ever before because we can do the telling – whether it’s through writing, or pictures or video.

 And even more important is the opportunities to tell small stories that come together to tell a big story. 

 “Yes! A good for example actually is what we (at Vexus Boats) call our “Heart and Soul”  section”, Daffron said. 

“If you would go to our website, there's a series of videos. We've been introducing them every Friday. One dropped just a few hours ago as a matter of fact. They’re little vignettes, if you would, of just different angles of our company, our people, our culture and our philosophies. I think that's important to people that want to buy a fishing boat. It's to understand why you would choose Vexus over an array of others. I think we do have a different story to tell.”

“When we're able to do that, it works.”

So if the big brands are working to tell stories, shouldn’t you?

I bet you’re thinking….how can I tell a story about fishing?

Well, right off the bat I want to say that your stories don’t need to all be about fishing.  People want to know more about you and your life. 

As a matter of fact, I think many people are fascinated by professional athletes, and especially anglers.  If they are NOT an angler, they wonder how these people make a living from fishing, and if they ARE an angler, they wonder what your lives must be like doing the thing you love so much and are so passionate about.  And of course, they want to learn from you, but they want to learn about more than what kind of hair jig you like best. 

We want to build our Know, Like, Trust factor with fans, and the way to do that is to show our Heart and Soul….just like Vexus Boats does. 

So what IS your Heart and Soul?  And how can you show more of it?

Your Heart and Soul is what makes you tick, what lights you up and what makes you happy. 

Is it your Faith? Is it your family?  Can you put Terry Scroggins to the test on a charcoal grill?

What do you do after work and after fishing? What would your friends say about you if I asked them what you liked to do?

What is your philosophy on life? What is the culture of your home or family?

These are all the stories you need to be telling.  It will let people get to KNOW you better, so they can LIKE you more, and therefore TRUST you with their time. 

And as a professional athlete, people are trusting you with their time.  Let’s don’t ever forget that and let’s put a lot of thought into how we serve those folks best. 



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