Adjust Your Sails

I bet we all like to think we have a good plan laid out for the next 10, 20, or even 30 years or more. But sometimes things change. Happy, successful people know how to adjust their sails and ride the tide of changes. Our guest today is one of those people.

Sean Lawless is a career firefighter in Tulsa, OK who was living in this dream home with his wife after having successfully raised their kids. They both thought they would spend their next years working in Tulsa and then retire there. But a trip to Florida changed all that.

Sean and his wife realized they wouldn't really be truly happy unless they lived by the coast. Sean fell in love with fishing and started thinking about how he could earn income in retirement and still spend time on the water.

What happened the next 5 years is a story that might inspire you. Sean figured out how to start a Youtube channel on saltwater fishing while living in the heartland in landlocked Oklahoma. The Lawless Tide has led him to many new friendships and opportunities. So much so that he is now planning to start a guide business in the Florida panhandle. In fact by the time you listen to this, he may already be there.

This is a good story of American ingenuity, grit and determination.

Just my kind of tale.


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