Change Your Mindset

Renaissance Man is a term used to describe someone who is good at many things, and defines the notion that humans should embrace all knowledge and develop themselves as fully as possible. A Renaissance Man is usually multi-talented, well-rounded, self-taught, and a gentleman.

Ty Southerland is a modern Renaissance man. He’s a successful visual artist, a working musical artist and a singular talent when it comes fishing. His Youtube channel “Thirty Miles Out” has 50,000 subscribers and his videos get literally 300,000 views.

Ty has a mindset of abundance and that’s one of our main topics we dive into today. This cat is not like everybody else, y’all. He’s very unique and has a fresh point of view on so many things we all spend time thinking about.

Having a mindset of abundance means you focus on what you have and not what you don’t have. The opposite is having a mindset of scarcity and honestly there is a lot of scarcity mindset in fishing and in the world. A mindset of abundance also leads you to being generous and gracious. Generous is one description of Ty Southerland that came up whenever I talked to anyone who knew him. He’s generous with his knowledge, he shares his locations, he tells people his fishing techniques….he’s just generous.

He believes there is more than enough for everyone.

And I agree with him.


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