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Shooting photos and video in the fishing space can be intimidating. You’ve got so much to work with…how do you separate yourself from all the hundreds of anglers out there taking pictures and video of themselves and others and filling our social channels with incredible content? Jake Latendresse is a prolific creator who has traveled the world shooting photos and video. He’s also a seasoned cameraman on the Bassmaster Elite Series and has spent ten years around the very best in the business both in front of and behind the camera. Today Jake is getting tactical baout how to get better at shooting photos and video in the fishing world. He starts by talking about what branding is and how how you can brand yourself through your content and especially video. Then he takes us through his process as a photographer and videographer to capture the right moments that help you tell your story or anyone else’s story. We also talk about some anglers that are doing content really really well and what we can learn from them. If you or someone around you wants to get better at storytelling through imagery, this podcast is for you! FIND JAKE ON SOCIAL MEDIA Watch the Auburn University Bass Fishing Team's THE RECLAMATION SERIES


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