How to be Good on Camera

Uncategorized Mar 24, 2021

Jake Latendresse is one of the most gifted storytellers I know, and he tells his best stories visually. Jake runs a multimedia company called Latendresse Media Collective that produces extremely compelling outdoors content.

He's also a videographer for the Bassmaster Elite Series television show.

These days we all seem to find ourselves on video at one point or another, either through engaging with friends and followers on social media to build audiences or on television or YouTube. Some of us are comfortable in front of the camera and some of us have room to grow our talents there.

Who better to take advice from on how to get better on camera than a man who has spent the last ten years shooting video of professional anglers, TV show stars, and every other kind of video content?

Jake shares very practical advice on how to be good on camera and his depth of understanding of storytelling allows him to frame this advice up in a way that will stay with you.

As Jake says on his company website - "Our fundamental ethos is: we do it for the story; because we know, everyone has a story."



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