Program Your Content Like a TV Executive

Gary Morgenstern is an expert on content and how to figure out what kind of content your audience wants to consume.

He has worked in television programming for the entirety of his decades long career. I worked with him when he was director of programming for ESPN Outdoors and his current role is Senior Vice President of Programming for SportsNet New York.

In many ways our social media is like our own personal TV network. We make decisions every time we create content & those decisions are not unlike what TV network programming executives decide in their roles. Whether you are an aspiring pro angler, a brand or manufacturer or just an individual who cares about your reputation, you decide what content you share and how you express your (brand) voice.

So I thought it would be beneficial for all of us to hear how a highly successful television network programming executive made decisions about what content to program. With the cost of television airtime in the figures with many, many zeros, there is a lot at stake for them. They have to be extremely smart and well prepared to make those choices.

Listen to this conversation as if you were the programming director of your own personal channel because you know what? You are! We can all learn a lot from Gary Morgenstern and we're lucky he's so generous in sharing his insight.


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