How Do You Show Up for your Fans?

- In fishing, it's the size of the fish.

- In marketing, it's customers or leads

You are a competitive person....or you wouldn't be fishing in tournaments.

The gentleman in this photo is as competitive as anyone I’ve ever met.  We created a TV Show for him back in the day called “Schooled by Denny Brauer” where he went fishing with a weekend angler on a body of water that was unfamiliar to him and observed how he broke down the water and tried to figure things out.

I got to know Denny pretty well during that time and one thing I learned about him was that he was always going to show up for the fans of fishing.  Denny’s retired from tournament fishing now and lives down at Lake Amistad where he catches the giants swimming in that lake nearly every day, but in spite of the fact that he’s retired he still showed up for his fans, and his sponsors, at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic. 

So as an aspiring angler, I want you to honor the fact that you are a competitive person and compete with YOURSELF....on growing your fan base.

I want you to find a benchmark you can measure – Facebook Fans, Instagram followers, email addresses for your list, YouTube subscribers, whatever you choose.  Then I want you to choose a small number as your goal and put that number on the dash of your truck or on the screensaver of your phone, or your bathroom mirror….or any place where you see it several times a day.

Then I want you to try to BEAT THAT NUMBER every week.  Change your reminder to your new number on Monday and start over.

The sweet part of this is that beating this number will be so much easier than beating Corey Johnston on the water because there are WAY more variables on the water than in what I am going to teach you to do.

What I am asking you to do just requires you to do two things:

- Be consistent

- Be engaging

Consistency is key to building your following. You have to commit to showing up for your fans.  It’s a lot of work, but it can be fun and the content can flow when you plan a strategy.

The social media marketing person for a large sunglass company told me recently that in his mind the very best thing an influencer can do on social media is to BE AUTHENTIC.

I know you know you to be authentic….it just means be yourself.

Let’s talk about the different social media platforms and how marketers see them. 

Fishing marketers tend to believe Instagram attracts a younger audience and it does seem to be the favorite of younger users today.  And we can probably ride that train for another 18 – 24 months….then things will change again.  Social media moves fast and changes often. 

You might hear people complaining about algorithm changes, but the truth is these are free platforms and we’re using them for marketing.  The platform itself is trying to monetize the platform as well, and they try to do that by constantly improving the user experience.  And that’s good for all of us. 

But let’s don’t forget Facebook. Facebook is like the high school cheerleader captain who comes back to homecoming and you don’t want to give her your attention but you can’t help yourself. Or you creep on her social media.

Don’t just automate your content from one platform to another. Share it at different times or different days or weeks. Upload photos natively to FB.  Don’t just share from a connected account on another platform. Customize your content for the platform. It will pay off for you.

Now you might have a big following on Snap and if you do……keep that in your social media marketing mix.  And I personally think Tik Tok is wide open for anglers to leverage.  Any video platform is good for fishing. 

Twitter is a different beast.  It seems to be used more for news and information, so I would probably put Twitter lowest on the priority scale if I were you.  But you feel differently and if you do….tweet away.

But at the end of the day…show up for your fans.  If you want to be a professional angler and gain fishing sponsors you need an engaged fanbase.   

And if you’re not Denny Brauer and you’ve never had your own fishing show on ESPN, you probably need to work on growing your fanbase.  That starts with showing up.  Which is the same as being consistent.

We'll talk about engaging with your fans more later. 


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