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content social media Apr 07, 2020

There are so many anglers out there who are presenting themselves in social media as  “ Hey, Look at the big fish I caught!”  The world doesn’t need more social media posts about a big fish picture. I mean don’t get me wrong, everybody loves to see pictures of big fish. But I want you to flip that script.   

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. You’re scrolling through social media, you’re wishing you were on the lake fishing, you’re wishing you were on the lake catching big fish… How can you give that guy value. 

I don’t think enough anglers consider that. Sometimes it seems like it’s all about the angler doing the posting.  

But I want you to be ALL ABOUT YOUR FANS. Even if you only have eight fans. Even if it’s only your mom and dad. You have fans.  

Let’s give value to them. Let’s stand out from the crowd by giving value to the fan.  

So the first thing we need to do is to figure out who your fan is. I want you to think of them as an individual.  

  • How old are they?  
  • Where are they at in their angling journey?  
  • Where do they live?  
  • What keeps them up at night?  
  • What are their pain points 

What we’re doing here is making your fan real to you. And once that fan is real to you, a real person in your mind, you will create better content for them. 

What YOU will be doing with this one fan in mind is creating custom content. It’s customized for that one guy who you feel is your fan. And you can use the same concept with hashtags. Because when that one guy finds your content, he feels like you’re speaking directly to him.  

Get it into the cultural mindset of your fan. It doesn’t always have to be fishing.  

  • What kind of music is he listening to? 
  • What is she thinking about as she is scrolling through social media?  
  • How can you jump right into their heads and give them what they are looking for?  

Find the overlap between what your brand wants to say and what your audience wants to hear.  

And then I want you to get in the conversationWhether you start the conversation or join it.    

Remember you are an entrepreneur now. You are a business owner. Whether it is your day job or your side hustle - Fishing is your business!   

So talk to your customers. Get in the conversation on social media.  Have a social conversation and make that conversation about THEM.    

If you want to tell them about a new reel, don’t tell them about the product features.  Tell the reader what this new reel is going to do for them!  That will get their attention.   

Don’t tell them the reel has cross carbon drag.  Explain how these reels used to have felt drag washers that would shred and fail after fighting several big fish but that felt washers were used because of the amount of range they allow at lower drag settings. And how once these felt washers were replaced with aftermarket carbon fiber washers, the issue was resolved—but replacing drag washers is not something anglers should have to do with a $200 reel!   

Tell them how now with these carbon drag washers, you have killer stopping power with silky smoothness and consistency and that wide range of drag settings…. right out of the box.  

See how I made that about THEM?   

And you have to engage especially with Direct Messages. Reply to your DMs, y’all!  

That’s the quickest way to make fans.  Can you imagine how excited you would be if you got a DM from Rick Clunn? Or from B-Lat?   

If someone has engaged with you by sending you a DM, they are either a fan or a potential fan. They deserve your attention. And by engaging with them you are saying “I see you.”   

And we all want to be seen.  

Remember, if you want to be a professional angler, or a professional athlete of any sport, you are more than your performance on the water. 

You are building a tribe.  

And a personal conversation is incredibly valuable to everybody.  Especially your tribe.  


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