Start a Mom & Pop Business

It feels like Fishing Entrepreneur Month here on the Fishing Business Podcast.

Last week we talked about bringing a new product to market and focused on the patent process and marketing. This week we meet Resee & Blake Phillips who started what is commonly called a Mom & Pop business in the garage of their south Alabama home.

The company is called Eye Hole Jig and the product is a jig that holds scent niblets in the jig head. The couple are avid crappie anglers and the product has taken off in that sector but they have big goals for moving into developing tackle for other species as well.

It won't take you long to realize that Resee & Blake are just good folks - the kind of people you want to root for and who you want to see succeed. They are on the right track and working hard to reach their goals.

I think listening to them will inspire you to keep reaching for your goals and to keep trying new things. After all, you never know when your little idea might spark into a new business that changes your life.



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