Time Management - Eat Your Frog

I love frog legs.  When I was a little girl, we lived in the country in Baldwin County, Alabama and everyone in my big, extended family loved hunting and fishing.  Our lives pretty much revolved around the outdoors and the Mobile-Tensaw River and Delta.  There’s a family story about my Uncle Mo feeding me frog legs when I was about 3 years old and I couldn’t get enough.  I still like them.  I’ll come back to that.

Have you ever wondered how some pro anglers have a ton of endorsements and sponsors but don’t have the best winning records?  I hear people talk about this online all the time.  And they say things like, “Well, he must know somebody” or “His family must have a lot of money.”

But the truth, usually, that they are good marketers.  Their marketing abilities have brought them the endorsements and sponsorships. They understand that a big part of their job as a professional angler is to help their sponsors sell product. 

And there are a LOT of ways to help a sponsor sell products.  You just have to commit a little bit of time to marketing. 

I can hear you right now saying, “What!  You want me to spend time on MARKETING? I’m an angler!  I don’t know anything about marketing, and I don’t WANT to know anything about marketing.  My brain is at full capacity with knowing how run my depth finder and what fish are doing when the water temperature is 58 and muddy.  And rising!

We all feel like we’re too busy.  EVERYONE…. from the reigning Bassmaster Angler of the Year, to a guy who is a plumber fishing the Costas….to a stay at home mom with 2 kids…. we all feel like we’re too busy. 

So, who has time to market or to work on a marketing strategy or plan our social media presence?

Some people figure out how to get it done.  How do they do that? 

So many of us let our day to day MUST DO’s overwhelm us and then we procrastinate week after week.

We have kids, jobs, families, customers, sponsors… we all have demands on our time.  But we all have the same number of hours in the day.  Old cliché but true.

The people that take the time to put some effort into marketing are building their business, building their brand, and building their profitability.

And those people have the same hours in the day as we do.

Busy is not an excuse that should stop you from creating success, because busy is a state of mind. 

How do some people tend to the things that are going to make their business grow and some don’t?  The ones who do have learned how to manage their thoughts…. their mindset.

We have to learn to change our mindset about being busy.

Instead of saying, I haven’t sent my sponsors a note or I haven’t posted on Social Media because I’m too busy ((I’ve done this myself.  I have used I’m too busy as an excuse.))

…. Try saying to yourself “I haven’t sent my sponsors a note because I didn’t want to do it bad enough.”

Now, you’re not pretending AND you’re not pretending some outside influence is preventing you from doing it. 

Now you’re being honest and you’re taking control.

And I want you to notice how that makes you feel. 

You know it always baffles me when it comes down to the last day of an Elite Series tournament and a guy loses by 2 ounces and he says, “I had a big fish on right off the bat this morning, but it came off and that cost me the tournament.” 

I wonder…. what about the fish you didn’t catch on Day 1?  Didn’t that have something to do with your final weight?

You don’t ever hear a guy say, I didn’t win because I didn’t want it bad enough to go the extra mile, to be out there before daylight and stay til dark practicing.  I didn’t want it bad enough to stay up late re-spooling my reels and putting new hooks on those crankbaits. 

You don’t hear them say that because they do those things.  They do those things because they are comfortable enough with the steps they can take to prepare to win. 

I want to get you comfortable with what you need to do to win in business.  And one of those things is to take control of your time. 

We’ll work on what to do with your time as we go along here.

I realize there are all kinds of things that can happen that prevent you from doing your marketing. 

  • Your tackle needs working on
  • Your boat trailer had a flat
  • It’s somebody’s birthday
  • An old buddy or bestie called and wanted to go out

Your reasons make you think you’re justified in not taking action.

All of those things happen to all of us every day.  But some successful entrepreneurs, and you ARE an entrepreneur, have committed to being disciplined about this part of their business and that is a big part of what has made them successful.

I want you to manage that voice in your head that says it’s okay to skip your planned time for taking care of your business. 

When you say “I didn’t work on marketing my business” you are admitting that doing this is totally in your control. It’s not affected by anything outside of you. 

This can create a huge mindset shift. And this shift can really help you.

Being a person who chooses to do take care of their business, instead of a person who says I’m Too Busy, is not a personality trait.  It’s a trained brain. 

It’s a function of your brain.  We decide ahead of time that we are going to do this, so our brain is expecting to do it and your little, busy, monkey mind doesn’t have the chance to say, “We’re too busy to do this today.”

Also, something that really helps me is I put my time into my calendar on my phone and computer.  I literally make an appointment with myself and I get a reminder every morning.  Again…training my brain that this is what I’m going to do. AND I TREAT IT LIKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH ANYONE ELSE.

If I have an appointment with a client, or a friend, or a dentist…. I always keep the appointment.  I NEVER blow appointments off because if they go into my calendar, they are important.

I don’t know about all of you, but I’m sure you have appointments you wouldn’t dare miss for one reason or the other.  For example, it’s hard for me to get into see the guy who does my hair.  I NEVER blow that appointment off, because It’s too hard to get in.  In other words, IT’S IMPORTANT TO ME. 

I don’t miss doctor’s appointments.

My marketing is important to me too.  So I make sure I take the time to do it.

And back to frogs, which I started out with….one other tip…EAT YOUR FROG.

Mark Twain once said “If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning. And if it's your job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest one first.”

For me, this means get the thing you dread the most done first thing.  It will make the rest of your day go SO WELL. And if you don’t eat your frog, you will procrastinate and dread it all day and you will end up having a not great day. 

And what I want for you is to have every day be great.


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