You are an Entrepreneur

Your Fishing is a Business

As an angler who is looking to make money from your skills and passion, you are an Entrepreneur.  You’re also a small business owner and it’s critical to begin to think like a business owner. 

I am here to help you start thinking like a business owner as well as an angler. 

It’s not hard, y’all.  There are a couple of basic components to a business. 

4 Essentials of a Small Business:

  • Product
  • Staff
  • Profit
  • Market

YOU are the product my friend.  Your business is YOU.  The product is strong if it solves a specific problem and is easy to describe.  You help people become better anglers.  And believe me, there’s a LOT of people out there that want to learn what you know. 


I bet for most of you reading this, you are also the staff and that’s perfectly of, do-able and figure-outable.  There are thousands of successful small businesses out there that  have a staff of one.  According to the Census Bureau there were more than 25 million Non-employer business in the US in 2017….so there are over 25 million people who are self-employed.  You may still have a full-time job (congratulations!) but you may also have a secret dream to fish full time (congratulations! This is an incredible field to be in and your dreams can come true).

Or maybe you just want fishing to be a side hustle…. either way, in addition to being the product you will also be the staff.  At least to begin with. 


As a business you need to have the means to make a profit.  You may not be making a profit right now, but I bet you can see a path to making money.…you just haven’t figured out all the moving parts yet.  The fishing part probably seems pretty clear to you, but the business side might be trickier.  That’s okay and a perfectly normal place to be. I’m here to help you find your way. 


This is my favorite part.  Your market is fishing fans who want to learn from you, be like you, follow you, fish like you. 

Your other market is brands that you can connect to these consumers.  This consumer is very targeted and actually hard to reach, so you are in a good place to deliver for a brand.

A professional athlete is also a marketer.  All of them.  Now, the guys in the NBA may pay someone to manage their marketing for them, but at some point, they were marketing themselves.  Even if it was when they were in high school or college trying to get the coach or recruiter’s attention.

Marketing is essentially anything you do to make customers aware of what you offer. It involves the power of persuasion and, in our case, the power of information or education.

Marketing is what positions the business and attracts customers to the product. 

A big part of marketing for anglers is content marketing. 

Content can be anything from photos, videos, written stories, spoken word….heck it can be music, but I only recommend a very few people focus on that.  All of us aren’t Casey Ashley or Luke Dunkin.

To grow the audience that consumes your content you have to get really good at the Know, Like, Trust factor. 

People trained in the art of sales know this already.  Know, Like, Trust closes more deals than any other factor. 

 How much time have you spent thinking about Know, Like, Trust?

 I’m going to explore this in depth over the next few months.  But for now, the thing I want you to take away from the ten minutes you have given me here is that you are an entrepreneur.  And a marketer.  

You may not feel confident as a marketer and that’s what I want to help you with. 

So, tell me…do you feel like you do a good job at marketing right now?   Tell me about what you do, so I can help give you the right-on-on-the-money advice you need.


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