Storytelling and the Know Like Trust Factor for anglers

In a recent conversation with Keith Daffron who is president of Vexus Boats, we talked about how important storytelling is in building a brand.

 As we discussed it, we started talking about telling stories and how both of us were raised up in the fishing industry telling stories.  I was a television producer for ESPN Outdoors for the first 20 years of my career and that certainly involved a lot of storytelling, in fact I used to kid around with my friends and say my job was to travel around the country and find the very best stories about the outdoors that I could find. Of course, there was more to my job than that, as there is with ALL storytellers, but at heart that’s the core of what I did.

 Daffron has launched a new bass boat brand, which is no small feat as you can imagine, and he understands how storytelling can build a brand because he's doing it as we speak.  And doing it very well. Vexus has a great brand story and they tell it with compelling...

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