You are an Entrepreneur

Your Fishing is a Business

As an angler who is looking to make money from your skills and passion, you are an Entrepreneur.  You’re also a small business owner and it’s critical to begin to think like a business owner. 

I am here to help you start thinking like a business owner as well as an angler. 

It’s not hard, y’all.  There are a couple of basic components to a business. 

4 Essentials of a Small Business:

  • Product
  • Staff
  • Profit
  • Market

YOU are the product my friend.  Your business is YOU.  The product is strong if it solves a specific problem and is easy to describe.  You help people become better anglers.  And believe me, there’s a LOT of people out there that want to learn what you know. 


I bet for most of you reading this, you are also the staff and that’s perfectly of, do-able and figure-outable.  There are thousands of successful small businesses out there that...

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