How Do You Show Up for your Fans?

- In fishing, it's the size of the fish.

- In marketing, it's customers or leads

You are a competitive person....or you wouldn't be fishing in tournaments.

The gentleman in this photo is as competitive as anyone I’ve ever met.  We created a TV Show for him back in the day called “Schooled by Denny Brauer” where he went fishing with a weekend angler on a body of water that was unfamiliar to him and observed how he broke down the water and tried to figure things out.

I got to know Denny pretty well during that time and one thing I learned about him was that he was always going to show up for the fans of fishing.  Denny’s retired from tournament fishing now and lives down at Lake Amistad where he catches the giants swimming in that lake nearly every day, but in spite of the fact that he’s retired he still showed up for his fans, and his sponsors, at the 2020 Bassmaster Classic. 

So as an aspiring angler, I want you to honor the fact that you...

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