What Big Brands Look for in Athlete Relationships


If you are trying to figure out how to get fishing sponsors and you haven't had a chance to listen to the Fishing Business Podcast with Matt Ozawa, you need to put that on your list with a star beside it.  

 Matt is the Engagement Marketing manager at Toyota – one of the finest brands in the world.  And they didn’t obtain that lofty status by being slackers in the marketing world.  They build excellent products and they are excellent marketers of those products.

Which is where we can learn from them.  YOU are an excellent product.  And I want to teach you how to market yourself well. We can always look to those that are doing it the best and learn from them….no matter the category, skill or talent. 

If you want to find sponsors for fishing, there is excellent, high level advice here for you.

 One thing Matt said that has resonated with me was his answer when I asked him what Toyota looked for in relationships with athletes,...

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Storytelling and the Know Like Trust Factor for anglers

In a recent conversation with Keith Daffron who is president of Vexus Boats, we talked about how important storytelling is in building a brand.

 As we discussed it, we started talking about telling stories and how both of us were raised up in the fishing industry telling stories.  I was a television producer for ESPN Outdoors for the first 20 years of my career and that certainly involved a lot of storytelling, in fact I used to kid around with my friends and say my job was to travel around the country and find the very best stories about the outdoors that I could find. Of course, there was more to my job than that, as there is with ALL storytellers, but at heart that’s the core of what I did.

 Daffron has launched a new bass boat brand, which is no small feat as you can imagine, and he understands how storytelling can build a brand because he's doing it as we speak.  And doing it very well. Vexus has a great brand story and they tell it with compelling...

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