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content social media Apr 07, 2020

There are so many anglers out there who are presenting themselves in social media as  “ Hey, Look at the big fish I caught!”  The world doesn’t need more social media posts about a big fish picture. I mean don’t get me wrong, everybody loves to see pictures of big fish. But I want you to flip that script.   

Put yourself in the viewer’s shoes. You’re scrolling through social media, you’re wishing you were on the lake fishing, you’re wishing you were on the lake catching big fish… How can you give that guy value. 

I don’t think enough anglers consider that. Sometimes it seems like it’s all about the angler doing the posting.  

But I want you to be ALL ABOUT YOUR FANS. Even if you only have eight fans. Even if it’s only your mom and dad. You have fans.  

Let’s give value to them. Let’s stand out from the crowd by giving value...

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